Trinity Pension Scheme

Where traditional pension planning is not available, either due to restrictions on funding or the inability to attract tax relief, the Trinity Pension Scheme (Trinity) offers an alternative. A fully-regulated overseas pension scheme, Trinity facilitates more flexible benefits in retirement, provides tax-efficiency and enables more investment choice, before and after retirement.

Specially designed for UK domiciled individuals, Trinity fully recognises and satisfies the relevant UK rules while providing the option to change the currency of your pension fund and your retirement pension to match your local currency. It also permits the option on death to pay funds to your family or nominated beneficiaries.

Trinity Key Features:

  • No Contribution Limits: Trinity offers an alternative to allow high earners to accumulate sufficient retirement savings
  • Pension Planning for UK Expats: For those working overseas, it is not usually possible to obtain tax relief on contributions into a UK pension and a local scheme is often not practical; Trinity seamlessly navigates these potential challenges
  • Pensions Paid Free of Tax at Source: If you are no longer a UK resident for tax purposes, you will not want UK or other tax to be deducted at source from your pension
  • Succession Planning: Nominate your requested beneficiaries in the event of your death (under current QNUPS rules any payment will not be included for inheritance tax calculations)
  • Investment Choice: Trinity offers a broad range of investment options, from simple bank accounts to streamlined platform-based investments (such as insurance bonds or stock trading portfolios)

Talk to your adviser, or one of our team to understand more about Trinity in respect of your personal circumstances.


Isle of Man

Boal & Co was established in the Isle of Man in 1995 by Gary Boal as an insurance consulting and pension services business, before branching out into pension trusteeship and administration in 1997.

Following the introduction of formal pensions regulation under the Retirement Benefits Schemes Act (2000), Boal & Co (Pensions) Limited became licensed as a Professional Retirement Benefits Schemes Administrator with the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.

To this day the Island remains as Boal & Co's Headquarters.

The Isle of Man, over the last 25 years, has developed into one of the largest and well-respected international finance centres, attested to by international bodies including the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Organisation for Economic Development (OECD). With proven success as a strong base for insurance companies, banks, retirement benefit schemes and emerging technologies, the Isle of Man has firmly established itself on the world stage as a globally recognised jurisdiction for international financial services.

Widely regarded as a centre of excellence for pension scheme services, the Isle of Man with its unique, flexible but robust regulation of both domestic and international retirement benefit schemes, offers individuals, companies, multinational corporations and their advisors an unequivocal jurisdiction for retirement savings schemes and pension plans. With several dominant leaders in this sector, the Isle of Man offers all services required by clients and advisors through professional, locally established companies with global reach.

Some of the world’s largest companies have chosen the Isle of Man as a domicile for their expatriate retirement plans, built on the robust yet highly flexible legislation allowing scheme designers to tailor solutions to the requirements of the client.