Actuarial Services - Life Consultancy

We work closely with life assurance companies operating from offshore centres to provide financial solutions for policyholders across the globe. Our range of consultancy services includes the following:

Capital Management and Risk Management

We develop and review data, models, reports, and governance processes for regulatory and economic capital and ORSA purposes as well as assess and review capital and liquidity requirements and efficiency. We can provide training for boards and management teams on risk-based capital, enterprise risk management, Own Risk and Solvency Assessment etc. We can also conduct gap analyses on compliance with governance and risk management requirements and provide outsourced risk function capabilities.

Appointed Actuary and Actuarial Function Services

We act as Appointed Actuary for life offices based in the Isle of Man and provide peer review services to appointed actuaries as well as an outsourced actuarial function, full or partial, to insurers.

Start-up Planning and Regulatory Applications

We provide advice on choice and use of offshore jurisdictions for capital efficiency and can prepare and/or review financial projections for start-up operations, both for management and regulatory purposes, including consolidated capital and financial forecasts and stress tests. We also prepare and submit business plans to regulatory authorities and conduct ongoing liaison with authorities after granting of approval on all regulatory matters, including periodic regulatory returns.

Merger and Acquisition Work

We provide financial, business and operational evaluation, including due diligence, in connection with the acquisition or sale of offshore life assurance companies, particularly in the Isle of Man and Ireland. We act as Independent Actuary/Expert in portfolio transfers, or can provide peer review services for such work.

Product Design, Analysis and Management

We are able to design new products to meet agreed objectives and provide assessment of resulting profitability. We also produce detailed product specifications for administration reference purposes as well as draft policy wordings. We have first-hand knowledge of expense loadings, profitability margins and financial experience of the offshore life assurance industry.

LifeBase is our product analysis software system for product providers and intermediaries; an ideal tool for product development, product management, broker marketing and IFA product panel construction.


We provide advice on all matters relating to financial control, management information requirements and day-to-day management of an international life assurance operations as well as advice on reassurance arrangements and providers.

Reinsurers and Captives

We provide non-executive director services for Isle of Man reinsurers and captive insurance companies.