Actuarial Services - Pensions

Scheme Actuary

We can fulfill all of the responsibilities required under Scheme Actuary appointments. We currently hold Scheme Actuary appointments for schemes in the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey. In addition, we offer a number of consulting services to schemes and trustees.

Funding Valuations

We provide regular valuations in order to assess the solvency position and ongoing funding requirements of the scheme.    

Accounting Disclosures

We produce accounting disclosures for corporate pension schemes which comply with the appropriate standards, including FRS102 and IAS19.

Scheme Benefits

As Actuary, we provide a number of calculations required by schemes. These include transfer value calculations, and determination of scheme benefits on leaving service and retirement.

Member Communication

Member communication can form a vital aspect of operating a pension scheme. We are able to provide services including the production of regular benefit statements, announcements and scheme guides.

Scheme Design

We are able to provide consultancy services in relation to scheme design and benefit structure.

Peer Review

We can act as a peer reviewer in relation to services provided by a Scheme Actuary, offering advice to both employers and trustees.