Claire is a font of knowledge when it comes to corporate pension plan trusts and rules. A qualified accountant, she is our chief new scheme on-boarder with a big personality that can make the most dry subjects fun. Karen Kelly, Group General Manager, Boal & Co

Claire Heath ACCA

Client Relations Manager, Corporate Pensions

Claire joined Boal & Co in 2015 bringing offshore and onshore financial sector experience and is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. 

Claire manages the implementation process for Boal’s international corporate retirement benefit clients which includes several global FT500 companies. Her role involves working with clients to ensure their plan requirements are met while remaining within regulatory requirements, drafting legal documents and dealing with product providers to ensure plans are established correctly.  

Claire also manages the team responsible for preparing financial statements (150+ sets) for Boal’s international corporate clients to meet with regulatory requirements.

A qualified accountant with 20 years’ industry experience, Claire has extensive knowledge of international corporate pensions governance and regulations.

In their spare time

Claire enjoys running, biking, hockey and walking (and is usually found talking while doing each activity) in addition to being our resident ‘Cat Lady’. 


  • International Corporate Pensions 
  • Pensions Trusteeship, Administration and Governance
  • Relationship Management
  • Accounting